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Accurate ADA services provided. Verbatim transcription for any event. Onsite and remote CART, captioning for conventions, meetings, classes, seminars.

Each job and referral is managed by experts with meticulous customized service in Texas, the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Europe.

State-of-the-ART services with each request.


Monette Benoit formed The ARTS, The American RealTime/Captioning Services, in 1993 in San Antonio, Texas, realtiming on a large screen for a Catholic Deaf mass each Sunday within St. Francis Di Paola Church. Her skills now include working within Texas, the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, Australia, and South America as an ADA consultant, providing onsite and offsite CART, captioning, realtime services, fulfilling requests from government entities, academia, corporations, and minority-owned businesses.

An ARTS, LLC has experience with televised documentaries and interviews during production stages, working with producers and film crews. We work with international requests for webstreaming videocast technology to the Internet with foreign language translations.

An ARTS, LLC provides remote CART Captioning services to a television and/or computer. Remote sign interpreting services have been added.

Monette advocates, lectures and mentors with universities, community colleges, business institutions, private entities, religious groups, student disabled service managers, human resource (HR) departments, independent living service offices, sign interpreters, CART providers, broadcast captioners, (now called CART Captioners), government officials/agencies, audiovisual engineers, and court reporters on assistive technology.

Monette has composed state certification tests for court reporting certification boards. She has graded captioning assessments with an analysis for captioning companies; state, city, and county employers; captioning managers.

In 1996, she was contacted to serve as an expert witness in a federal lawsuit involving assistive technology, and Monette Benoit developed a CART curriculum for a state university using federal grant money.

She’s a motivational speaker on technology and education, striving to inspire reporters and students at national, state, international court reporting associations, conventions, meetings. She has tutored, mentored, taught adults in multiple proprietary nationally-accredited learning programs and a community college.

Monette Benoit was awarded an Associate Degree in court reporting by the State University of New York at Alfred in 1976 and completed an undergraduate paralegal program at Adelphi University in 1979. In 1989 she returned to the field of court reporting education to teach Legal Terminology, Courtroom Procedures, speed-building, and a national Written Knowledge Test, WKT, prep course she developed to assist court reporting students and court reporters to pass NCRA, National Court Reporting Association, and state tests for court reporting certifications.

She earned her CRI (Certified Reporting Instructor) certification from NCRA, National Court Reporters Association, in 1992. In 1993 she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration at Northwood University, and in 1995 earned the CPE (Certified Program Evaluator) from NCRA. She has been employed in three states as a judicial and free-lance court reporter. Monette expanded her court reporting, teaching, paralegal, public speaking, ADA consulting, writing and publishing skills as an educational entrepreneur customizing specific requests for each individual, business or educational setting.

Monette Benoit provides confidential tutoring, consulting, and career coaching for court reporting students and professionals.

Monette is a contributing editor for the JCR, Journal of Court Reporting, with the NCRA, National Court Reporters Association. She has written over 230 articles for the JCR with a monthly column and/or feature articles since 1995.

Her first column, “Day In The Life Of” focused on challenges for reporters, captioners, instructors, students.

“Beyond The Comfort Zone” reports on technology and current events often profiling individuals working with assistive technology, captioning, CART. Many articles are online: and blog, Monette’s Musings,

Monette was a keynote speaker in Fremantle, Western Australia during the Seventh International Conference of Shorthand Reporters Association of Australia, SRAA. In 2000, she shared a panel, “Captioning,” with an Australian and Irish captioner, and Monette held a seminar “Reporting and the Internet.” She delivered a post-conference session, “Reporting for the Deaf and HOH Community,” the first Australian seminar to be realtimed onto a large screen and sign interpreted. Members of the deaf, hard-of-hearing communities and academic institutions attended and participated.

She was the keynote speaker in Edmonton, Alberta during the Alberta Shorthand Reporters Association, ASRA, September 2003, “The Colours of CART.” Monette’s topics were “Educational CART” and “Practical, Inspirational and Practical CART.” She also moderated a “Roundtable Informational Exchange Forum” with representatives from the Hard-of-Hearing communities and Canadian CART Providers, captioners, reporters.

She was a presenter at the Extreme Weekend in Las Vegas for one-time gathering of user groups, Eclipse, TAACT, The Association for Advancement of CAT technology with Stenograph’s STAR and XEC. Monette’s seminar was “Big D, Little d, OD, HOH – Hike.”

Monette has been a guest speaker to Texas Court Reporters Annual Student Convention; Texas AOAC, Auditory Oral Action Committee; Sunshine Cottage -an oral/deaf school for children- on parent/children education for CART technology; served on Ghostwriters Committee and Ethics/CART committee and was a speaker during the 3rd TCRA, Texas Court Reporters Association, CART seminar. She has provided CART to a large screen for SA SHHH, San Antonio Self-Help For Hard of Hearing; NHHH, National Self-Help For Hard of Hearing (now HLA, Hearing Loss Association); San Antonio DAW, Deaf Awareness Week, Group, and numerous events.

She has been a guest speaker and panel member with many National Court Reporters Association, NCRA, conventions, multiple national student court reporting conventions, national court reporting teaching conventions.  Additionally, Monette has authored a TED Talk.

Monette has provided CART (realtime translation) of religious services, funerals; international, national, local conventions, seminars, meetings; class lectures; PTA meetings; technology gatherings; defensive driving classes; The McGruff Dog (when he had paw surgery to sign to deaf children); TCDHH, Texas Commission for Deaf and Hard of Hearing; SHHH, now HLA, Hearing Loss Association, meetings; two semesters of Latin within a university; independent living service meetings for deaf and hard-of-hearing children, teens, adults, senior citizens. Since 1993, she works and consults with sign interpreters.

Monette Benoit shared information on assistive technology on the Diane Rehm Show for NPR, National Public Radio, when Susan Page of USA Today was guest host for “Cool Careers For Girls.” Monette discussed assistive technology, captioning, CART and court reporters working with individuals challenged by attention deficit syndrome, learning disabilities, brain-injuries, English as a second language (ESL), special education, arenas outside court and legal situations.

In 2002, her company turned the first live ‘remote financial (quarterly) calls’ and used software Monette developed to assist the court reporters with this -then- new market.

Monette has consulted with authors completing educational publications. She contributed information on assistive technology to a special education text distributed nationally to adults in special education university curricula.

In 1995, she was recognized as one of 12 nominees for the National Pro Bono Award by National Court Reporters Association. She has been recognized by DAW, San Antonio Deaf Awareness Week Group, local high schools, mentoring programs, businesses, educational institutions, community colleges.

Monette Benoit volunteers to sit on panels for motivation, CART, assistive technology and ethics; speaks at national reporting conventions, and for many years volunteered to collect all door prizes for national court reporting annual student convention. She is a founding member of CARTWheel, professional CART providers and captioners dedicated to developing, training, cultivating experienced international CART providers.

Monette has worked with students, court reporters, captioners, CART providers, instructors, and program directors preparing for NCRA and state tests for RPR, RMR, RDR, CRR, CCP, CBC, CSR, CCR certifications.

She has published, and marketed Purple Books through her company CRR Books (, Court Reporter Reference Books educational products, CD software programs, tutorials, educational products to assist information specialists, managers, students, captioners, court reporters, libraries and schools.

CRR Books provides academic products for national, NCRA, state certification examinations. ‘CATapult Your Dictionary’ CD Software Program Series for broadcast captioners and captioning students offers interactive realtime dictionary features to expand and build an expert captioning dictionary.

Packet #1 – Purple Books Complete Set consists of four academic publications: NCRA RPR, RDR, and State CSR Written Knowledge Test Court Reporter Reference Textbook, Seventh Edition; RPR, RDR, CSR Written Knowledge Test Workbook, Fourth Edition (detailing 2,002 questions and answers); Companion Study Guide For Reporters And Students, Fourth Edition (cross-referencing all 2,002 questions from the workbook and each multiple-choice answer); and REALTIME Vocabulary Workbook, Third Edition.

Organized with test-prep material.  Since 1990, individuals and schools utilizing the educational material have a 98 percent successful pass rate with the Complete Set and the Trio Set on national, NCRA, and state written knowledge examinations when study material from Purple Books are used as primary sources for NCRA’s RPR, State CSRs, New York’s Civil Service Exams, and the elite RDR.  –

Packet #2 – “Reporters Essential Tools” consists of five tools: Sports, Olympics, Terrorism, Security Handbook; Environment, Weather, Sciences, Geology Handbook; Politics, Elections, Government, Military, and Criminal Handbook; Universal Religions, Ethics, Philosophy Handbook; and A.D.A., Civil Rights, Affirmative Action, Convention, Business Handbook.  Additionally, topics have been added to include: medical, financial, trades, and more. Lexica, to include hundreds of categories – each without subscription – are also available.

Currently, Monette Benoit is working on multiple projects, to include confidential tutoring, coaching of court reporting, captioning students, court reporters and CART Captioners focusing on home-study, one-on-one tutorials, assisting individuals to master specific targeted goals. Professionals outside this legal field have exceeded their goals since first contacting Monette.  Testimonials are listed

Monette Benoit, B. B.A., CCR, CRI, CPE, Paralegal
CART Captioner, Court Reporter, Instructor, Tutor, Career Coach, Author, Consultant, Columnist
Blog: Monette’s Musings; Online Services, Products, Beyond The Comfort Zone, NCRA JCR Column/Articles available: and

Accurate ADA services provided. Verbatim transcription for any event.

Onsite and remote CART, captioning for conventions, meetings, classes, seminars. Each job and referral is managed by experts with meticulous customized service in Texas, the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Europe. State-of-the-ART services with each request.

An American RealTime/Captioning Services, LLC